UNS C44400


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UNS C44400 alloys are a type of brass-copper alloys, and are also known as admiralty and antimonial alloys. These alloys have good corrosion resistance and good cold workability for forming and bending. The following datasheet will provide details about UNS C44400 brass-copper alloys.

Chemical Composition

The following table shows the chemical composition of UNS C44400 brass-copper alloys.

Element Content (%)
Cu 71
Sn 1
Zn 28

Physical Properties

The physical properties of UNS C44400 brass-copper alloys are outlined in the following table.

Properties Metric Imperial
Density 8.53 g/cm3 0.308 lb/in³

Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties UNS C44400 brass-copper alloys are tabulated below.

Properties Metric Imperial
Tensile strength 331-379 MPa 48000-55000 psi
Yield strength (depending on temper) 124-152 MPa 18000-22000 psi
Elongation at break (in 0 mm) 65% 65%
Creep strength (@425°C, time 3.60e+6 sec/797°F, time 1000 hr, 0.0001) 0.370 MPa 53.7 psi
Elastic modulus 117 GPa 17000 ksi
Poisson’s ratio 0.34 0.34
Charpy impact 82.4 J 60.8 ft lb
Fatigue strength (@# of cycles 1.00e+7, @# of cycles 1.00e+7, source does not state temper) 115-125 MPa 16700-18100 psi
Machinability (UNS C36000 (free cutting brass) = 100) 30 30
Shear modulus 40.0 GPa 5800 ksi

Thermal Properties

The thermal properties UNS C44400 brass-copper alloys are tabulated below.

Properties Metric Imperial
Thermal expansion co-efficient (@20-300°C/68-572°F) 20.2 µm/m°C 11.2 µin/in°F
Thermal conductivity (@20°C/68°F) 110 W/mK 763 BTU in/hr.ft².°F

UNS C44400