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Chemical composition %   of   steel   X160CrMoV121 X160CrMoV12 X160CrMoV12-1 X160CrMoV12.1
C Si Mn P S Cr Mo V
1.45 - 1.6 0.1 - 0.6 0.2 - 0.6 max   0.03 max   0.03 11 - 13 0.7 - 1 0.7 - 1

THERMAL TREATMENTS of X160CrMoV121 X160CrMoV12 X160CrMoV12-1 X160CrMoV12.1

Annealing: Heat to 1600°F (870°C), hold 2 hours, slow cool 25°F (15°C) per hour to 1000°F (540°C) then air cool. Or heat to 1600°F (870°C), hold 2 hrs., cool to 1425°F (775°C) hold 6 hrs., then air cool. 
Annealed Hardness: About BHN 221/225

STRESS RELIEVING of X160CrMoV121 X160CrMoV12 X160CrMoV12-1 X160CrMoV12.1

Annealed Parts: Heat to 1200-1250°F (650-675°C), hold 2 hours, then cool in still air. 
Hardened Parts: Heat to 25-50°F (15-25°C) below the original tempering temperature, hold 2 hours, then cool in still air.

HARDENING of X160CrMoV121 X160CrMoV12 X160CrMoV12-1 X160CrMoV12.1

Preheat: Heat to 1100-1200°F (595-650°C), equalize, then to 1400-1450°F (760-790°C), equalize. 
Austenitize: 1825-1875°F(995-1025°). Hold time at temperature 30-45 minutes.
Quench: Air or positive pressure quench (2 bar minimum) to below 150°F (65°C).
Temper: 400-1000°F(205-540°C).Temper 2 hours minimum each time or at least 1 hour per inch(25mm) of thickness, double Temper. Cool to room temperature in between tempers.
Cryogenic Treating:Refrigeration after the first temper may improve long term dimensions stability by transforming retained austenite. Any refrigeration treatment must be followed by a temper.

Size Change: (The amount of retained austenite has a significant effect.)

Hardening Temperature Tempering Temp. HRC Longitudinal Size Change
1850°F(1010C) 400°F(205C) 61 -0.025%
1850°F(1010C) 600°F(315C) 59 -0.010%
1850°F(1010C) 800°F(425C) 58 -0.017%
1850°F(1010C) 1000°F(425C) 55 -0.006%