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Indicatory analysis: 
C 1.53
Si 0.30
Mn 0.35
Cr 12.00
Mo 0.80
V 0.80

Strength: ≈ 850 N/mm²

Thermal conductivity at 100 °C: 21 W/ m K

high-alloy steel for through-hardening with moderate machinability; extremely wear resistant and low warpage, good dimensional stability, toughness and through hardenability

mould plates and inserts as well as wear plates and cutting dies with increased wear resistance

Treatment by
ideal when hardened

very well suited, due to the fact that the hardness of the base material will not fall below 60 HRC

EDM, etching, hard chroming » possible

Heat treatment:
Soft annealing:
800 to 850 °C for about 2 to 5 hours slow controlled cooling of 10 to 20 °C per hour to about 600 °C further cooling in air, max. 235 HB

1020 °C
1060 to 1080 °C
quenching in oil/air/hot bath
obtainable hardness: 63−65 HRC

slow heating to tempering temperature (to avoid forming of cracks) immediately after hardening; triple tempering at max. secondary hardening temperature is recommended; rapid cooling following the tempering improves the dimensional stability; maximum hardness achievable after tempering: 60-62 HRC

Technical Tip: 
secondary hardening, very good base material for nitriding or coating