Forged Casing Hangers

Forged Casing Hangers

Jiangyin Jiangnan is one leading manufacturer of forged casing hangers,casing hanger forged parts from china.
We could produce forged casing hangers as per the drawing of the clients
We use EAF+LF+VD methods to melt our casing hangers forged material.
As per forged of casing hangers forged material, we have 1 tons,3 tons,6 tons,9 tons open die forging parts hammer and 4500 tons hydraulic press,35 tons of manipulators, maximum load of 100 tons heating furnaces, maximum load of 100 tons heat treatment
Our  forged casing hangers can be annealed, normalized,hardening and tempering as per the requirement of the clients
Our forged casing hangers are widely used in Wellhead and Christmas Tree equipment (API 6A)
The steel grade of forged casing hangers that we could do is as follows:
Alloy and carbon steel grade of forged casing hangers
A182-F11,A182-F12,A182-F21,A182-F22,A182-F36,A182-F91,A182-F92,  SA-350 LF1,SA-350 LF2,SA-350 LF3,SA-350 LF5,SA-350 LF6, AISI 1045,AISI 4140,AISI 4130,AISI 4340, AISI 4317,AISI 4130, AISI 8620,AISI 9840,AISI 4145H,AISI 4145H,AISI 4145H Mod,AISI 4330V,AISI 4330V Mod.AISI 4150,AISI 1020,42CrMo4,25CrMo4,34CrNiMo6,17CrNiMo6-4 20NiCrMo22,34CrMo4,30CrNiMo8,36CrNiMo4,16CrNiMo12,40NiCrMo7,41CrALMo7,30NiCrMo12, 12CrMo9-10,18CrMos4,18CrNiMo7-6,17CrNiMo6,39NiCrMo3,,20NiCrMo2-2
Stainless Steel grade of forged casing hangers
A182-F6a,A182-F6b,A182-F304,A182-F304L,A182-F310,A182-F316,A182-F316L,A182-F317,A182-F317L,A182-F347,AISI 309,AISI 310s,A182-F321,A182-F347,A182-F348,Nitronic 50,Nitronic 40,Nitronic 60,Nitronic 30,UNS S21800,Alloy 20, 904L,PH13-8Mo,17-4ph,15-5ph,17-7ph,Ph15-7 Mo,254Smo, Al-6Xn,654SMO, A182-F44,A182-F45,A182-F51,A182-F53,A182-F60,A182-F55,A182-F62,A182-F52
Nickel alloy and Super ALloy grade of forged casing hangers
Nickel 200, Nickel 201,Monel 400,Monel R-405,Monel K-500,Hastelloy C-22,Hastelloy X,Hastelloy C-4,Hastelloy B-2,Hastelloy C-276,Hastelloy C-2000,Hastelloy B, Nimonic 75,Nimonic 90,Nimonic 80A,Nimonic 105,Nimonic 901,Inconel 600,inconel 601,inconel 617, inconel 625,inconel 686,inconel 690,inconel 693,inconel 718, inconel 725,inconel X-750,incoloy 800,incoloy 800H,incoloy 800HT,Incoloy 825,
forged casing hanger is component of a wellhead that tops a natural gas or oil deposit. It supports and braces the casing used to protect formations around the well as technicians drill and prepare to extract resources. Standardized sizing is used in the industry for casing and accompanying hangers, which come in several designs from manufacturers. For specific projects, custom versions may be available, although a custom casing hanger can be costly because of the need for specially machined components and similar features
The working pressure of forging casing hanger that we could do is2000psi ~15000psi 
We could produce forged casing hanger  as per the standard of API 6A
We could do following inspection for our forged casing hanger:Radiographic Test,Ultrasonic Test,Liquid Penetrant,Dimensional Verification,Meganetic Particle Test,Tensile Test,Impact Test, Hardness Test,Salt Spray Test 
We could supply forged casing hanger as per the standard of EN10204-3.1 or EN10204-3.2 of third party
Except to supply forged casing hanger , we also supply forged casing head,forged tubing heads,forged tubing spools,forged casing spools,forged tubing hangers,forged Tubing Head Adapters,forged dapter spools,forged flange adaptor, forged frac heads,forged Crosses and Tees (studded crosses,studded tees,flanged crosses,flanged tees),forged spacer spool 
Any inquiry of forged casing hanger, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to quote the best price for every clients 

Forged Casing Hangers

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