15-5ph Forged Pipes

15-5ph Forged Pipes

Jiangyin Jiangnan is one leading producer of 15-5ph forged pipes from china.
We could produce 15-5ph forged pipe  with diameters ranging from 10MM to 6000MM and with weights from 10KGS to 15000KGS
The melting method of 15-5ph ignot is ESR+VIR or VIM+ESR+VAR
As per forged of 15-5ph material, we have 1 tons,3 tons,6 tons,9 tons open die forgings hammer and 4500 tons hydraulic press.
We could do solution treatment and ageing treatment for 15-5ph forging seamless pipes as per the clients
We could do rough or final machined of 15-5ph forged pipe as per the drawing of the clients
15-5ph forged pipes have wide use in many industries, such as
15-5ph forged pipes that are used in chemical pump,centrifugal pumps,Mud pump,Fracturing Pump,ball valves,check valves and so on
15-5ph forged seamless pipe that are used in heat exchangers ,Boiler
15-5ph forged pipe that are used in  Stripper columns, Oil Separators,DOT Shipping Containers, hydro treaters, hydro crackers, desalters.
15-5ph forged pipes that are used in Cement industry and sugar industry
15-5ph forging pipes that are used in shipping building and Aviation
15-5ph forged pipes that are used in drilling stations, pipelines and refineries
15-5ph forged pipe that are used in power generation and power plants,,generators, compressors, gear boxes.
15-5ph forged pipes that are used in oil & gas industry
15-5ph forging pipes that are used in concrete mills and mixers
15-5ph forged pipe that are used in processing units,crystalizer equipment
15-5ph is a martensitic precipitation-hardening stainless steel, we kown how to forging it sucessfully.
15-5ph forging parts can be in the solution treated and heat treated at different temperatures will could get different properties,such as H900 ,H925 ,H1025 ,H1075 ,H1100 ,H1150
Our 15-5ph forged pipes could be 100% Ultrasonic Inspection as per the forging parts UT Test standard of ASTM A 388 or EN10228.
We produce 17-4 forging stainless steel pipes as per the standard of ASTM B564
We could supply 15-5ph forging steel material certificate as per the standard of EN10204-3.1 or EN10204-3.2 of third party
Except to produce 15-5ph forged pipe, we could also produce UNS S15500 Forged pipe,1.4545 forged pipes,X5CrNiCuNb17-4 forged pipes, and other similar grade of forging pipes
Any inquiry of 15-5ph forged pipes, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to quote the best price for every clients

15-5ph Forged Pipes

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