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Nickel Aluminium Bronze 2.0966/CuAl10Ni5Fe4 is an excellent choice for applications involving heavy loads, abrasive wear resistant, friction, abrasive wear and corrosion. The addition of nickel increases the alloys strength without diminishing its excellent ductility, toughness and corrosion resistance. Typical applications for Nickel Aluminium Bronze 2.0966/CuAl10Ni5Fe4 included aircraft landing gear components, strut bearings, main pistons, trunnion bearings and similar vital components.



9 - 11






2 - 4



1.5 max



Including Co

Remainder Each


Cu, including Ag

Remainder Total


Cu + sum of named elements 99.5 min



0.25 max



0.2 max



0.3 max

Applications Applications include valve and pump components for industrial process streams, as well as for marine equipment, high strength fasteners and pole line hardware.
Machinability The machinability rating of this alloy is 30. (Where Alloy 360 FC Brass is 100).
Welding Soldering of this alloy is "not recommended", brazing is rated as "fair", oxyacetylene welding is "not recommended", gas shielded arc welding is rated as "good", coated metal arc welding is rated as "good", spot welding is rated as "good", seam welding is rated as "good", and butt welding is rated as "good".
Forging The hot forgeability rating of this alloy is 75. (Forging Brass=100). The recommended hot working temperature for this alloy is between 1450 and 1700 F.
Hot Working This alloy's capacity for being hot formed is rated as "good".
Cold Working The capacity for cold working this alloy is rated as "poor".