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WB36 WB 36 T36 P36 is a bainitic Ni-Cu-Mo steel micro-alloyed with niobium. 
This grade is mainly used in high-pressure, medium-temperature feedwater lines (close to 400 °C). 
WB36 WB 36 T36 P36 exhibits excellent high-strength properties up to 450 °C. The reduced weight of the feedwater piping components compared with conventional carbon steel allows improved resistance to thermal fatigue and very good heat transfer.

C ():     ≤0.17
Si ():     0.25~0.50
Mn ():   0.80~1.20
P ()≤:   0.025
S ()≤:   0.010
Cr (%):    ≤0.30
Mo (%):   0.25~0.50
Ni (%):     1.00~1.30
V (%):      -
Other  (%): N ≤ 0.020, Cu 0.50~0.80, Nb 0.015~0.045    

Mechanical properties of WB36 WB 36 T36 P36(20°C / 68°F)

tensile elastic limit (Re) Mpa/ksi >=405 / 58,7 lengthwise
Tensile strength Rm Mpa/ksi 610-780/88,4-113,1
Elongation A5 % >=19/>=17 lengthwise/transverse
impact work ISO-V (J) >=41 lengthwise/transverse