We could produce 21CrMoV5-11 21crmov511 21crmov5.11 Forged forging Steel Round Bars Rods Square rectangle rectangle Flat Bars,21CrMoV5-11 21crmov511 21crmov5.11 Forged Forging Steel Hollow Bars Forged Forging Sleeves Bushes Bushing Pipes Piping tube tubings barrels Casing Cases Shells cylinders hubs housings,21CrMoV5-11 21crmov511 Seamless Rolled Steel Rings 21crmov5.11 Forged Forging Steel rings,21CrMoV5-11 21crmov511 21crmov5.11 Forged  Forging Steel Blocks Discs Disks Plates ,21CrMoV5-11 21crmov511 21crmov5.11 Forging forged steel roller rolls shafts spindles,21CrMoV5-11 21crmov511 21crmov5.1 Forged Forging Steel Steam Turbine Rotor shafts 21CrMoV5-11 21crmov511 21crmov5.11 Turbine forging forged generator Bolts blades,21CrMoV5-11 21crmov511 21crmov5.11 Forged Forging forge Steel slav continuous cast casting roll caster rollers,21CrMoV5-11 21crmov511 21crmov5.11 Forged Forging Steel Casting Dummy Bars Heads and other 21CrMoV5-11 21crmov511 21crmov5.11 forged forging parts forged forging pieces forged forging steel components as per the requirement of the clients
We use EAF + LF + VD melting methods to melt the material of 21CrMoV5-11
As per heat treatment of 21CrMoV5-11 forged parts, We could do anealed, normalized, hardening and tempering as per the needs of the clients.

Chemical Composition (in weight %)

C Si Mn Cr Mo Ni V W Others
0.21 0.45 0.45 1.35 1.10 max. 0.30 0.30 - -


Soft Annealing
Heat to 650-740oC, cool slowly.

Harden from a temperature of 900-950oC followed by oil or air quenching.

Tempering temperature: 680-740oC.

Mechanical Properties in Quenched and Tempered Condition

Diameter (mm) 0.2 proof stress (N/mm2) Tensile stregth (N/mm2) Elongation (%) Reduction (%) Notch impact energy (ISO-V) (J)
Up to 160 540 690-830 16 - 55

0.2 Proof Stress (N/mm2) vs. Temperature (oC)

200oC 300oC 400oC 500oC
510 481 431 373

1% Creep Limit (N/mm2) vs. Temperature (oC)

Hours 450oC 500oC 540oC
10 000 353 235 120
100 000 275 167 68

Creep Rapture Strength (N/mm2) vs. Temperature (oC)

Hours 450oC 500oC 540oC
10 000 441 304 180
100 000 343 211 102

Hot forming temperature: 1100-850oC.