We could produce 1.8070 Forged forging Steel Round Bars Rods Square rectangle rectangle Flat Bars,1.8070 Forged Forging Steel Hollow Bars Forged Forging Sleeves Bushes Bushing Pipes Piping tube tubings barrels Casing Cases Shells cylinders hubs housings,1.8070 Seamless Rolled Steel Rings Forged Forging Steel rings,1.8070 Forged Forging Steel Blocks Discs Disks Plates ,1.8070 Forging forged steel roller rolls shafts spindles,1.8070 Forged Forging Steel Steam Turbine Rotor shafts 1.8070 Turbine forging forged generator Bolts blades,1.8070 Forged Forging forge Steel slav continuous cast casting roll caster rollers,1.8070 Forged Forging Steel Casting Dummy Bars Heads and other 1.8070 forged forging parts forged forging pieces forged forging steel components as per the requirement of the clients
We use EAF + LF + VD melting methods to melt the material of 1.8070
As per heat treatment of 1.8070 forged parts, We could do anealed, normalized, hardening and tempering as per the needs of the clients.

Chemical Composition (in weight %)

C Si Mn Cr Mo Ni V W Others
0.21 0.45 0.45 1.35 1.10 max. 0.30 0.30 - -


Soft Annealing
Heat to 650-740oC, cool slowly.

Harden from a temperature of 900-950oC followed by oil or air quenching.

Tempering temperature: 680-740oC.

Mechanical Properties in Quenched and Tempered Condition

Diameter (mm) 0.2 proof stress (N/mm2) Tensile stregth (N/mm2) Elongation (%) Reduction (%) Notch impact energy (ISO-V) (J)
Up to 160 540 690-830 16 - 55

0.2 Proof Stress (N/mm2) vs. Temperature (oC)

200oC 300oC 400oC 500oC
510 481 431 373

1% Creep Limit (N/mm2) vs. Temperature (oC)

Hours 450oC 500oC 540oC
10 000 353 235 120
100 000 275 167 68

Creep Rapture Strength (N/mm2) vs. Temperature (oC)

Hours 450oC 500oC 540oC
10 000 441 304 180
100 000 343 211 102

Hot forming temperature: 1100-850oC.