We could produce INCONEL ALLOY HX forging parts,INCONEL ALLOY HX forged rings, INCONEL ALLOY HX Rolled Rings,INCONEL ALLOY HX forging flanges, INCONEL ALLOY HX forging round bars, INCONEL ALLOY HX forged disks, INCONEL ALLOY HX forging bushings,INCONEL ALLOY HX forging discs,INCONEL ALLOY HX forged tubes, INCONEL ALLOY HX forging sleeves,INCONEL ALLOY HX forging tube sheets, INCONEL ALLOY HX forging shafts,INCONEL ALLOY HX forging pipes as per the requirement of the client
INCONEL ALLOY HX is one of the most widely used nickel base superalloys for gas turbine engine combustion zone components such as transition ducts, combustor cans, spray bars and flame holders as well as in afterburners, tailpipes and cabin heaters.
We could delivery INCONEL ALLOY HX forging material as per the standard of ASTM B572
We use EAF+VOD-ESR melting methods to melt the material of INCONEL ALLOY HX
As per heat treatment of INCONEL ALLOY HX forged parts, We could do solution treatment and ageing treatment together.
The chemical composition of INCONEL ALLOY HX is as follows:

Chemical Requirements

  Ni Cr Mo Mn C Si Fe
Max Bal 23.0 10.0 1.00 0.15 1.00 20.0
Min   20.5 8.00   0.05   17.0
The mechanical property of INCONEL ALLOY HX is as follows:

Mechanical Property Requirements

  Ultimate Tensile Yield Strength (0.2% OS) Elong. R/A Hardness
Min 95 KSi 35 KSi 35    
Min 655 MPa 240 MPa      

Due to special mechanical properties of INCONEL ALLOY HX forging parts, there are many wide uses as followings:
INCONEL ALLOY HX seamless rolled rings and  INCONEL ALLOY HX forged shafts that is used in chemical pump,plunger pumps.
INCONEL ALLOY HX forged shafts,INCONEL ALLOY HX forging pipes, INCONEL ALLOY HX forged tubes ,forged tube sheets, forged flanges that are used in pressure vessel ,air receivers,Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
INCONEL ALLOY HX forging shafts,INCONEL ALLOY HX forging flanges ,INCONEL ALLOY HX forged rings,INCONEL ALLOY HX forging pipes that is used inColumns & Towers,Tanks ,Silos,Process Modules,Preheaters
INCONEL ALLOY HX forged bushing,INCONEL ALLOY HX forged sleeves,INCONEL ALLOY HX forged disks,INCONEL ALLOY HX forged discs that is used in Offshore and onshore industry, such as subsea and deepwater offshore oil production systems, industrial air compressors, power generators and nitrogen generators
INCONEL ALLOY HX open die forging parts,forging pieces,forging nozzles ,forged discs,forged crankshaft that is used in Cement Mill ,sugar Mill,concrete mills and mixers.
INCONEL ALLOY HX forged valve stems, forged valve parts, forged valve seat ring,forged valve blocks,forged bodies that are used in ball valves, check valves, strainers ,globe valve, gate valve,Plug valve and so on
INCONEL ALLOY HX forging rings, INCONEL ALLOY HX forged spindles, INCONEL ALLOY HX forging bars,INCONEL ALLOY HX forging gears that are used in power transmission, turbine,gas compressor,gear boxes and so on
INCONEL ALLOY HX forged products,INCONEL ALLOY HX forged nozzles,INCONEL ALLOY HX forging eccentric shaft that are used on processing units,mechanical equipment, crystalizer equipment,Wellhead and Christmas tree
INCONEL ALLOY HX forged wheels, forged manifold,forging rolls that are used in shipping building,heavy machinery.Paper and Pulp Industries,Pharmaceutical & Biochemistry
Our INCONEL ALLOY HX forged parts will be Ultrasonic testing as per standard, EN10228-3,Sep1921,ASTM A388 and so on
We could supply INCONEL ALLOY HX super allloy forging parts certificate as per the standard of EN10204-3.1 or EN10204-3.2 of third party
Please send us the size or drawing of INCONEL ALLOY HX forged material that you need, we are glad to quote the best price for your side