UNS S43100

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 Principal Design Features UNS S43100 is a martensitic stainless combining excellent impact strength at high hardness levels with the best corrosion resistance of any martensitic stainless steels.
Applications UNS S43100 has been successfully used in a variety of aircraft and general industrial applications. These include fasteners, bolts, valve components and chemical equipment.
Machinability In the fully annealed condition, UNS S43100 will gall and build up on the tools. Good surface finishes are not easily obtained.
Welding Most electric welding procedures have proven successful with UNS S43100 stainless. Filler metal should be AWS E/ER410.To avoid cracking, pre-heat the workpiece to 400-600 F (204-316 C). After air cooling, treat at 1200 F (649 C) to reattain maximum properties.
Hot Working Heat to 2100-2200 F (1149-1204 C) for best results. Do not work material below 1650 F (900 C).
Cold Working This alloy is easily drawn, spun, headed, sheared and bent compared with other stainless steels.
Annealing 1200-1250 F (650-677 C), furnace or air cool.
Tempering Temper for desired properties. Temperatures between 700-1050 F (371-565 C) will adversely affect impact strength and corrosion properties.
Hardening 1800-1950 F (982-1066 C), oil quench or ail cool for maximum properties

UNS S43100